Town Hall Rage

  • It’s just a little senilicide…what’s the big deal? What did you think collectivism was gonna be, better?

    Article From
    The Great Patriotic Revolt by Jim O'neal
    Canada Free Press

    If you’ve seen some of the videos of our town hall meetings, then you’ve noticed that there are a number of senior citizens attending. They’re concerned, and well they should be.
    Obama-Care, Euthanasia, ‘Counselling the elderly’
    There are a number of deeply troubling elements in Obama-Care, and some are aimed directly at the elderly. Euthanasia is an especially dangerous element embedded within the Obama-Care package.
    Obama-Care would marginalize the old, due to the fact that such citizens are considered a wasteful drain on society’s resources—i.e. their negative impact on “the collective,” outweighs their production value.
    Yes, I realize that the Obama-Care only mentions “counseling” the old. But no doubt, this counseling will include talk of euthanasia—voluntary suicide, (”It’s for the good of the collective—you understand, don’t you dear?”)
    If you look into the fascist Left’s long-held, perverted interest in euthanasia, and the current Administration’s tie-ins with various groups promoting euthanasia, I believe that you’ll come to the same conclusions that I have.
    Obama-Care will ultimately result in the culling of the elderly, (and an explosion of abortion clinics across the country. They’ll get us coming and going).
    Some tribes of Eskimos practiced senilicide (the practice of killing the elderly), and purportedly placed the aged on ice floes, and then let them drift away.
    The Eskimo old, after all, were using up food and other materials, more productively utilized by the younger members of the tribe. (Did I mention that tribalism is another variant of collectivism?)

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